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Stefi Cohen Bio: Age, Workout, Diet, And Boxing Career

Stefi Cohen

When talking about female athletes and feats of strength, one name nearly always comes up: Stefi Cohen.

Stefie Cohen, as she is often called, is one of the most prominent strength athletes in the business today, and despite branching out into boxing, this multi-world record holder has some amazing lifts under her weight belt.

But who is Stefanie Cohen, how did she get to the level she’s at today, what has she accomplished, and how did she get this big on social media?? Let’s take a look, shall we, as we learn more about the amazing Stefie Cohen.

And why would she hack into her ex-boyfriend’s laptop and post nude pictures of his girlfriend?

Who Is Stefi Cohen?

Stefi Cohen

Dr. Stefanie Cohen is considered to be one of the strongest female powerlifters in the world, in fact, pound for pound, many consider her to be THE strongest on the planet.

Stefi is originally from Venezuela but emigrated to the USA at a young age to pursue her dreams of becoming a pro athlete and leaving behind a legacy. Stefi Cohen is no stranger to success, as she holds held multiple world records (25) for a whole host of different exercises.

In fact, Stefi has so many records to her name that she herself admits that she can’t actually remember all of her titles and accomplishments. Stefie is perhaps best known for her deadlifts as, weighing in at just 121 lbs in weight, and standing 5 feet tall, she deadlifted 501 lbs, lifting more than four times her own body weight.

This is a feat that no woman before her had ever accomplished before, and no woman since in fact. Stefi is, by her own admission, proud of her achievements but never satisfied, as she is always looking to aim higher and achieve more.

A Dr, a powerlifter, a weightlifter, and a boxer, Stefi is certainly a very active young woman who is clearly extremely genetically gifted.

Early Life:

Stefi was born in Caracas, Venezuela, on the 28th of March, 1992.

She is an only child and was raised by her father who is a lawyer, and her mother who is a tailor. As a young child, she was very active and would never sit still and play for more than a few minutes at her time.

Her parents encouraged her to play physically active sports and games, and as a youngster, she took to playing soccer, which is a hugely popular sport in South America. Stefi was a very talented soccer player, and because of her small stature, she was also very quick and very athletic so would take part in tennis and running at school as well.

She wasn’t just a sport however, she was also a very bright young girl and proved herself to be intelligent and academically gifted. Her parents decided to emigrate to the United States of America when Stefi left elementary school, so Stefi enrolled in High School and quickly joined the school soccer team.

In order to stay in shape for soccer, Stefi would go to the gym and by 16 she had achieved a muscular, yet very lean physique. Opposition players would often try to out-muscle Stefi on the ball because of her small size, yet she was freakishly strong and would easily see off the opposition.

Stefi slowly fell in love with training and enjoyed lifting weights and getting in shape for soccer more than the actual sport of soccer itself. Years later, she decided she wanted to be a trainer and enrolled in college, earning a Batchelor of Science Degree in Sports Medicine and Physiology.

In 2016, Stefi became a recognized strength and conditioning coach, and in 2018, she became a Doctor of Physical Therapy.

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Sports And Powerlifting:

Stefi Cohen

Stefi was such a great soccer player, that in 2006, she was invited to play for the Venezuela National Soccer Team under 17 squad.

She accepted and played with them for 3 years, until 2009.

As she played, however, she trained harder and harder in the gym and fell in love with the weights, carving a very impressive physique for herself and also proving herself to be incredibly strong.

Stefi became a Florida State Gold Medallist back in 2015, as well as a Senior State Medallist in Illinois in the weightlifting division.

Now Stefi was a powerlifter and a hell of a good one at that.

To this day, Stefi holds two major powerlifting records, which are the American Powerlifting Association Deadlift World Record of 402 lbs, as well as the American Powerlifting Association Total World Record of 900 lbs.

As you may or may not know, powerlifting consists of 3 compound exercises: Squat, deadlift, and bench press, which means that, between those 3 lifts, Stefi amassed a total of 900 lbs.

As previously mentioned, while weighing in at just 121 lbs, Stefi deadlifted 501 lbs with straps, which in itself is another record.

Stefanie’s physique is hugely impressive as she is very lean and muscular while being absolutely shredded.

Steffi Cohen Scandal

In November 2023, Cohen’s former boyfriend and his current girlfriend reported to the police that Cohen had accessed the man's laptop, logged into his iCloud account after guessing commonly used passwords, and retrieved nude photos of his girlfriend. This incident took place nearly two years after Cohen discovered their relationship. They told the police that Steffi leaked those photos of her in order to humiliate her.

On Tuesday 28th of May 2024, Miami-Dade Police officers confronted Cohen in the Coconut Grove area of Miami. When they informed her of her arrest and instructed her to accompany them to the station, she refused, according to the police and started to act physically.

Eventually, Cohen was taken to the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center.

In court, Cohen was granted a $3,300 bond, as reported by NBC Miami. She was also ordered to stay away from her ex-boyfriend and his current girlfriend.

Her reaction to that? Social media!

Social Media:

Stefi Cohen

Like many athletes nowadays, Stefi Cohen has used social media to her advantage, and to the advantage of others as she shares tips, tricks, and advice on all things fitness and powerlifting oriented.

Stefanie is perhaps most successful on her Instagram page, where she currently has 1 Million followers. On there, she mainly posts motivational photos, though she also shares training footage and diet info.

Stefi also podcasts and uses Facebook and YouTube, where her content is pretty much the same across the various platforms.

Stefanie Cohen Workout:

Right now, Stefi, like many others, is interested in becoming a boxer.

Thanks to the fact that celebrity boxing matches, often between YouTubers such as Bradley Martyn, Logan Paul, KSI, Jake Paul, etc, Stefi trains differently from how she did when she was powerlifting because now she is training to box, rather than lift heavyweights.

Boxing Ring Work with Stefi Cohen

Despite her goals shifting, in truth, her training isn’t much different.

Stefanie doesn’t follow a set routine or generic info, she instead creates her own training routines and programs, based on how she looks, how she feels, and what her goals are.

Stefi performs a fair amount of circuit training at the moment, similar to CrossFit.

This not only works on endurance, but it also helps with explosive speed and power too, which is essential for boxing.

She of course lifts weights and does a lot of free weight exercises and compound lifts such as squats, deadlifts, sumo squats, lateral raises, military presses, and Olympic lifts.

If we were to describe Stefanie’s style of training, it is probably best described as being a hybrid of different styles of training all rolled into one.

She lifts weights and trains heavy, she lifts weight for reps at lighter weights, she does circuit training, she performs Olympic lifts, she follows bodybuilding routines, and she does plenty of cardio as well.

The Most Effective Full Body Workout | Workout Ideas From Stefi Cohen

Stefi actually calls this ‘Hybrid Training’ as she states that she wants to look like a bodybuilder, move like a weightlifter, and lift like a powerlifter.

The Importance Of Rest:

Online, so many “influencers” trying to shame people for not going to the gym, almost making them feel guilty for having a day or two off from training when others are working out.

In reality, rest is just as important as training, if not more so, as rest is what helps the body to grow and recover.

In the past, Stefi trained like a beast and would work out for hours each day, 7 days per week, without giving her body time to recover.

It became an obsession and not only damaged her mentally, but it also damaged her physically too.

Stefi developed chronic lower back pain which left her barely able to move.

Stefi was forced to back off from her training and to have days off from the gym to allow her body to recover, and she felt and looked better than ever for it.

Stefanie Cohen Diet:

Stefi is ripped to shreds. She has visible abs, vascularity, and very low body fat while carrying a lot of lean mass.

This is due largely to her diet.

Daily Nutrition for Cutting with Stefi Cohen

Stefi eats lean, high-protein foods for muscle growth and recovery, and healthy fats and complex carbs for energy.

As for her nutrients, she takes fish oil supplements and multivitamins and eats plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits, all washed down with mineral water, either still or sparkling.


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