Bradley Martyn: Bio, Workout, And Diet

Bradley Martyn workout and diet

Anybody who is anybody in the online fitness world will likely be familiar with the bodybuilder and YouTuber known as Bradley Martyn.

The world of fitness has changed and evolved massively over the last decade or so, and that is thanks, almost exclusively, to social media and the advancements in modern technology.

Before the days of the internet, if we wanted to find a workout routine to follow we either had to pay a personal trainer out of our own pockets or purchase a book or a magazine containing generic fitness content which wasn’t tailored to us personally.

Before the days of YouTube, if we wanted to watch motivational trainers or workout montages, we had to break out our copies of Rocky IV and Pumping Iron and watch Sly and Arnie gets jacked in the gym.

Thankfully, however, times have changed.

Now, don’t get us wrong, Sly and Arnie are still incredibly motivational, and watching the pair of them pump iron and work out will motivate the unmotivated.

The main issue, however, is a lack of other bodybuilders and athletes to follow.

This is why Bradley Martyn has amassed such a huge following online.

But who is Bradley Martyn and why is he such a huge name in the world of bodybuilding and fitness?

Let’s take a look, shall we?

Who Is Bradley Martyn?

Bradley Martyn is a social media influencer, a fitness model, a bodybuilder, a personal trainer, and an entrepreneur from the good old US of A.

Martyn runs a series of successful social media pages, though perhaps he is best known as being a YouTuber.

Through these channels, he collaborates with other athletes and celebrities, he shares his training routines, he shares nutritional advice, he takes part in eating challenges, he compiles training montages, he talks about supplementation, motivation, and much more besides.

Standing at 6ft 3 inches tall, and weighing in at between 235 – 245lbs depending on his training goals, Martyn is a physically imposing figure as he is ripped to shreds, he is hugely muscular, and he has visible abs virtually all year long, even when bulking in the “off-season”.

Not only is he muscular and ripped, but he also has a very aesthetically pleasing physique, which is why so many fitness enthusiasts have subscribed to his channels and have become such big fans of his.

Not only is he muscular and lean, but Martyn is also a very strong dude, and has shared some pretty incredible feats of strength online on his YouTube channel, and while collaborating with others.

The co-founder of Zoo Culture Gym, along with his own line of gym clothing and apparel, plus his own supplement line known as ‘Origin Supplements’ it’s safe to say that Bradley has been a very busy boy over the years, building his legacy and making himself millions in the process.

Early Life:

Bradley Martyn workout and diet

Bradley Martyn was born back on the 22nd of May, 1989.

It is amazing to think, therefore, that this young man is still in his thirties, considering all that he has achieved.

Bradley was born in L.A, California, and growing up it was clear that he was a very athletic young man with a keen interest in sports and fitness.

Martyn was an independent young man from a young age, due in part to the fact that his father, suffering from severe depression, committed suicide when Bradley was just six years of age.

While Bradley is a fairly private young man and hasn’t shared a great deal about his education and his personal life, it is believed that he dropped out of college at a young age in order to focus on his bodybuilding career and becoming a star.

Fitness Life:

Bradley Martyn workout and diet

When Bradley was a young boy, it was clear that he was athletic and was very into sports and fitness.

He started to show more of a committed interest in fitness when he was just 14, as that is when he entered his first gym and picked up his first set of dumbbells.

As the years went by, he began learning more and more about fitness, bodybuilding, and weightlifting and he started to improve his physique and get stronger in the process.

In 2006, he launched his first fitness program which he called ‘BMFit’ and in 2007 he founded his ‘Zoo Culture Gym’.

Bradley competed in numerous amateur shows and placed very well, and would often win. He also began showing a keen interest in powerlifting and started to train heavy.

He has won titles such as the NPC USA Championships, NPC California Championships, the NPC Phil Heath Classic, and many more besides.

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The YouTuber:

Bradley Martyn workout and diet

Bradley amassed many bodybuilding wins under his belt and has earned himself a real reputation in the fitness world along with magazine covers, photoshoots, sponsorships, and heaps more besides.

It wasn’t until 2014 however, that Bradley Martyn’s stock really went up, as he dabbled into the, at the time, a relatively well-known video-sharing site known as YouTube.

Thanks to his no-nonsense approach to training, his advice, his personality, and his impressive physique, fitness enthusiasts, bodybuilders, and powerlifters alike really enjoyed his content and began subscribing to his channel.

It quickly grew.

As of this writing, Bradley is sitting at just under 3 Million YouTube subscribers, as he currently has 2.99 Million, though you better believe that he’ll be at 3 Million before too long.

Bradley has collaborated with some of the most influential names in the fitness industry, including 4 x World’s Strongest Man, Eddie Hall, Brian Shaw, and Larry Wheels.

Needless to say, with collaborations like that, Bradley is no slouch when it comes to the gym.

He has millions upon millions of views and posts all manner of content from serious training videos such as beginner chest routines, to fun challenges like eating the world’s hottest chili pepper and trolling the staff at Planet Fitness.

Part of the reason why Bradley’s YouTube channel is doing so well is because of the fact that he doesn’t take himself too seriously and can have fun and unwind when he needs to.

Don’t let that fool you, however, as Bradley is a beast in the gym and has some serious lifts to his name.

Bradley Martyn Workout Routine:


On the subject of Bradley Martyn’s training routine, Brad really does bust his butt in the gym, and with his diet, which is evident in his hugely impressive physique.

Bradley Martyn is an individual who believes in listening to your body, rather than following general information on the internet or in a magazine.

Brad’s training philosophy is therefore to listen to your body, and because of this, he doesn’t follow a specific training routine as some bodybuilders and influencers do.

So, some weeks he may follow a 3-day full-body routine, whereas on other weeks he may follow a 5-day split (PPL Workout) and train one major body part/muscle group each day.

In reality, it depends on how strong Bradley is feeling, how beat up his body is feeling, and how much work he wants to do, which determines what Bradley does when training.

Despite all of this, however, there are a few rules which Bradley adheres to when he’s training, regardless of whether he’s cutting or bulking.

To begin with, Bradley makes a point of training for no longer than 90 minutes per workout, as he believes anything longer could result in overtraining.

On top of the above, he also aims to perform 8 – 12 reps for every working set on most major exercises, although of course there are a few exceptions.

Per muscle group, he aims for 20 sets in total, with 3 – 5 working sets for each muscle group.

As far as weight goes, Brad trains relatively heavy, as he aims for around 75% – 80% of his max, focussing on each individual rep, rather than aiming for a specific amount of reps.

Bradley Martyn Diet And Nutrition:


Finally, we’re going to wrap things up today, by looking at Bradley’s diet and nutritional philosophies.

When he was dieting down for contests, he would practice intermittent fasting.

As he is not competing for the moment, however, he is a little more relaxed with his diet and can enjoy some more calorific foods.

He aims for a lot of protein of course, but also gets a lot of good fats, and keeps carb intakes low.

He doesn’t quite follow a keto diet or the Atkins diet, but his carbohydrate intakes are certainly kept low for much of the year unless he is bulking up, then he increases his carbohydrate intakes.

According to Bradley, his main muscle-building foods are:

  • Salmon
  • Almond butter
  • Greek yogurt
  • Quinoa
  • Bell peppers

He also supplements with whey protein shakes and makes sure to drink plenty of water.


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