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The Tom Platz Leg Workout Routine | Meet the Quadfather

tom platz leg workout routine

“The harder, the better” was Tom Platz's motto—and you can tell by looking back at old photos that this man was not joking around. But what Tom Platz is most known for is his insanely sculptured legs and the routine that led to his results.

Today, we'll discuss Tom's methodical leg workout from his prime to today. Although The Golden Eagle never won any Mr. Olympia competitions, he is remembered as a fan favourite and a true legend in old-school bodybuilding.

Tom Platz Workout Summary:

Hack Squats510-15
Leg Extensions5-810-15
Lying Hamstring Leg Curls6-1010-15
Standing Calf Raise3-410-15
Seated Calf Raise3-410-15

The Harder – The Better

Tom Platz Leg Extension Workout

Tom was something else when we're talking leg day. He states that despite weighing less than 230 pounds, he managed to squat eight times with 635 pounds and 52 times with 350 pounds. Additionally, he has squatted continuously for over 10 minutes on numerous occasions, completing more than 100 reps with 225 pounds. That's right, he could actually squat 225 lbs for ten minutes straight! His style was unique, and to this day, he is unmatched.

This would make you think that Tom must have loved squats, right?


In a famous interview at a seminar from 2018, Tom Platz told his fans that he actually didn't like squats that much, or at all. What he loved was the feeling afterward. After squatting 500 pounds for reps and reps and how that made him feel.

Is the Tom Platz Workout Easy to Perform?

I mean, the exercises themselves are as far away from rocket science as can be. They are mostly compound movements that most of gym goers perform on a regular leg day. But nobody would do 10 sets of 15 rep hamstring leg curls on the same day as 12 sets of 20 rep squats – especially with a few hundred pounds on each.

I wouldn't recommend someone with zero gym experience try this workout routine, as it could be dangerous. But if you're an intermediate gym goer, you could challenge yourself to see how far you'd go.

How Often Did Tom Platz Train His Legs?

This one will probably surprise you as much as it surprised me, but when asked how many times he used to train his legs, Tom responded that he did it only once every two weeks at his best. He admitted this during a training session with David Hoffman when they spoke about the controversial topic of overtraining vs undertraining.

Tom's point was that people who train legs 1-2 times a week will struggle to grow, while he gave everything that he got once every two weeks in order to grow his legs more than his competition. The interview can be found below:

Tom Platz on Overtraining vs. Undertraining! #tomplatz #gymmotivation #bodybuilding

What are the Benefits Of Tom Platz's Leg Routine?

  • Tom Platz's routine focuses on repetitions to enhance strength, size, and endurance.
  • Squats are supplemented with isolation exercises to ensure maximum growth.
  • Every muscle in the lower body is engaged in this routine.
  • The exercise sequence progresses from compound lifts to isolated movements.
  • Varying rep ranges enable training for strength, size, and endurance in a single session.


Tom Platz is a legend from the best generation in bodybuilding history. To this day, he has the legs of a Greek god. Tom Platz's legacy lives on through his achievements in bodybuilding and his ongoing efforts to educate, motivate, and empower others to live healthier, more fulfilling lives. This leg workout routine will always be remembered as one-of-a-kind.

Oh did I forget something? I promised to show you how his legs look today when 68 year old, this is how:

tom platz legs at 68 years old
Photo credit: tomplatz @instagram


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