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Post Malone Weight Loss: Cutting Soda or Ozempic?

post malone weight loss

Post Malone looks great these days, although fans were worried initially that the rapper shedding was due to drug abuse – something that Post Malone demented on his Instagram, stating that he has never felt healthier.

While Post Malone is setting the record straight on his health, I think we should set the record straight on whether or not he's been using Ozempic to achieve such fast-paced weight loss.

Is Post Malone on Ozempic?

It's not big of a secret that celebrities use Ozempic to lose weight as well as regular people, but is Post Malone one of them?

Not if you ask the rapper and producer himself. He has lost over 60 pounds and according to him, he has not been using Ozempic or any other medication in order to reach those results. Instead, he changed his diet, cut back on drugs and alcohol.

His starting weigh 240 pounds (nearly 109 kg), and he managed to drop to 185 pounds (nearly 84 kg) in a few months just by cutting soda? I'm not completely buying it unless he has amazing metabolism, which I find hard to believe as he hasn't been exercising actively and living a quite harsh lifestyle.

So, if you'd ask me, my professional opinion would be that Post Malone most likely took Ozempic or a similar weight loss supplement (prescripted or not) in order to lose so much weight in such a short time.

Comments From The Award Winning Star

Post Malone has, over time been updating his fans on the transformation but never went into detail on his diet or exercise routine. In May 2022, he became a father and commented:

“I guess dad life kicked in and I decided to kick soda and start eating better so I can be around for a long time for this little angel,”

He was very much looking forward towards becoming a father and probably saw that as a wake up call to change his ways. But that couldn't be the only reason asthe “Congratulations” singer was struggling with health issues that could have been directly linked to his lifestyle.

He was dealing with great pain and had trouble with breathing while on stage, forcing him to cancel some of his shows.

“I feel terrible, but I promise I'm going to make this up to you. I love you Boston, I'll see you soon.”

Today, he is back in the studio and prioritizing his health more than ever, for himself, his family and for his fans so that he can go out on stage and perform without something that he described knife stabbing pain on stage.

“Soda is So Bad”

Rogan & Post Malone: "You Lost 60 Pounds??"

“Soda is so bad. It's bad, but it's so good,” is becoming a famous quote by Post Malone. This is one of the things he said in the podcast episode with Joe Rogan, and that he will still have a soda now and then along with a Monster or a Celsius (which is actually good for you).

Rather than drinking soda on a daily basis, Post Malone sees soda as an award when “he feels naughty”.

It's a Wrap

Looking at the before and after pictures of the Rockstar, I'm extremely happy for him that he took this journey and decided to invest in becoming a healthier version of himself. He has a massive influence on the younger generations and will inspire hundreds of thousands of people to cut on soda and processed foods and to become more aware of their daily intake.

Whether he “took help” of Ozempic or similar drugs or supplements will never be set in stone, but no matter what – he changed his diet and started to take care of himself which is the most important thing here. And it makes me happy not only as a fitness enthusiast and blogger – but also as a fan.

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