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Anatoly Powerlifter Bio | Pranks, Who He Is, Real Name, Workout

anatoly powerlifter bio

Vladimir Shmondenko, Aka Anatoly Powerlifter, is the latest internet sensation in the fitness sphere – this guy is a machine with only 171 lbs (or 78kg), outlifting the biggest guys at the gym. His pranks have taken the internet by storm.

But who is he? How can he lift that much? And how did he get famous so fast? There are perfect explanations for all these questions, and I've done the digging!

The Rise Of Anatoly Powerlifter

Meet Vladimir Shmondenko, a spirited 24-year-old bodylifter hailing from Ukraine whose journey into weightlifting began in 2016.

Born and raised on a quaint cattle farm near the small village of Krishtopovka (close to Kyiv) in 1999, Vladimir's fascination with bodybuilding ignited when his village finally gained access to the internet, exposing him to captivating American bodybuilder videos.

Resourceful and determined, he crafted his very own gym from humble materials like wood, bricks, and spare parts salvaged from Soviet-era tractors.

When he was 15, Vladimir committed himself to a rigorous diet, consuming seven hearty meals of cottage cheese and eggs daily, much to the amusement of his classmates who couldn't quite grasp his dedication, especially when he brought tubs of oatmeal to school.

His dedication and skill in the sport were recognized when he clinched 3rd place at the 2018 GPA World Championships in Ukraine, competing in the fiercely contested Teen 18-19 category.

But that wasn't what got him famous, was it?

In 2017, a young Vladimir Shmondenko started posting content on Instagram in his native language. He picked up quicks results and decided to focus more on social media by starting a Youtube channel, in Russian.

His Russian YouTube channel has 1.94 million subscribers, while his international YouTube channel “ANATOLY” already has 3.3 million subscribers and is growing each day with around 5k subscribers.

But why did the decide to switch to an international channel? You see, Vladimir is from Ukraine, and he was living in Moscow in 2022 when the war began. He decided to move away from Russia and settled in Dubai instead. He then began to study English and started to create Youtube content in English instead. But he never stopped lifting…

anatoly prank
Just look how he is holding 176lb with one hand

Anatoly Quick Facts

Full Name:Vladimir Shmondenko
Birth:Krishtopovka, Ukraine in August 10, 1999
Current Home:Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Height:5’11” (180 cm.)
Weight:78 kg (171 lbs) 
Net Worth:$2-3 million (Unofficial)
Wife: Valeria who is a lingerie model
Elite Powerlifter Pretended to be a CLEANER #21 | Anatoly GYM PRANK

The Cleaner Gym Prank

Anatoly is mostly known for his cleaner gym prank, where he dressed as a cleaner or janitor easily moves the biggest guy's max dead lift weight. In some videos, he asks if he can try to squat with the same weights as guys double his size. And he does it with ease.

He is not only a prankster, however. Anatoly is a real powerlifter and his videos are 100% real and authentic.

Just look at how much he can lift according to the openpowerlifting organization:

  • Squats: 462 lbs (210kg)
  • Deadlift: 639 lbs (290kg)

How Is Anatoly So Strong?

Typical training routines just won't cut it for this power lifter. With a deadlift personal record of 290 kg (639 lbs) and a squat personal record of 210 kg (462 lbs), it's clear his approach packs a serious punch. While many folks are fixated on bulking up their muscles, he's all about functional strength.

He's mastered the art of leveraging technique to its fullest potential, paving the way for impressive lifts that defy the norm. This isn't your average gym routine — it's a testament to the power of innovation and dedication in the world of strength training.

Anatoly has however not shared his training routine online just yet. The second he will, you know where you'll find it.

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It's a Wrap – He is The Real Deal

I tend to be quite skeptical to “internet sensations” and I'm even more skeptical when I a 80 kg dude deadlifting 200kg. But Vladimir Shmondenko is the real deal ladies and gentlemen. He might look skinny in the videos but don't let that janitor suit fool you. He is shredded and strong as a bull!

On top of that he is funny and apparently a big fan of BMW – well, thanks to his YouTube account, great humour and incredible strenght, I bet he can buy one or two now. Respect!


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