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15 Benefits Of Working Out In The Morning

Benefits Of Working Out In the Morning

If you love to exercise and you’re an early riser, you’ll enjoy today’s topic because today we’re looking at the benefits of working out in the morning.

For some people, finding the time to exercise can be tricky.

We know that we should be exercising, but what with work, kids, personal lives, and everyday chores, sometimes finding a spare hour to train is asking too much.

If this sounds familiar to you, it might be worth considering doing your workouts in the morning.

Now, we aren’t saying that the only time you should exercise is early in the morning because, in reality, the important thing is that you exercise in general, regardless of what time you decide to train.

If you are tempted to work out in the morning, though, we can certainly recommend it which is why we’re looking at several awesome benefits.

Check them out and you’ll surely be convinced that early in the A.M is the perfect time to train.

The Benefits Of Working Out In The Morning:

Benefits Of Working Out In the Morning

1. You’ll Have Fewer Distractions

One of the best things about working out early in the morning, and indeed, doing other jobs early on in the day is the fact that there are fewer distractions.

If you decide to throw on your workout gear and exercise when most other people are still in bed or are sitting down drinking their protein mixed with coffee, eating their breakfast, and watching the news, you’ll find yourself facing fewer distractions.

There will be less noise, there will be fewer people, and there will be less going on so you can focus on working out.

2. You Could Burn Extra Fat If You Train Fasted

Fasted cardio is all the rage in the world of fat loss nowadays, and for very good reason.

The idea behind fasted cardio is that, if you perform cardio in a fasted state whereby your stomach is completely empty, to fuel your workout, your body will tap into your body fat reserves and will burn fat for energy instead.

Early morning is the perfect time to perform fasted cardio because you’ll have been asleep for at least 7 hours so your stomach will be fully empty.

Please note that you should always drink plenty of water before, during, and after fasted cardio.

3. You’ll Put Yourself In A Good Mood For The Day

Ever find yourself waking up feeling tired and grumpy as if you ‘woke up on the wrong side of the bed’ as the saying goes?

If so, then early morning training could be ideal.

One of the main benefits is the fact that you’ll put yourself in a great mood for the day.

It has been proven that exercise is a great way to beat depression and put yourself in a great mood.

This is because of the fact that exercise promotes the production of happy chemicals known as endorphins, which are responsible for putting us in a great mood.

4. You’ll Be Able To Focus Better For The Day Ahead

Another reason to consider training early on in the day is because of the fact that it will help you to focus and concentrate as the day goes by.

If you wake up feeling tired and groggy and unable to focus properly, working out will soon put you right.

When you work out early you’ll find that your brain becomes more focused and alert so you’ll be able to concentrate and focus better for the day ahead.

5. You’ll Free Up The Rest Of Your Day

Another awesome benefit is the fact that doing so will help you to free up your schedule for the rest of the day.

Exercise is a crucial part of everyday life and it is essential for optimal health and performance.

Therefore, we need to exercise, but finding the time to train late in the evening after work when we have jobs to do can be tough.

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If you set your alarm early, though, and hit the gym nice and early, once you’ve worked out you’ll be able to tick it off your list for the day ahead and you can do what else you need to do, safe in the knowledge that you’ve got a productive workout under your belt.

6. You’ll Give Yourself More Energy

When it comes to the benefits, another key benefit of early morning training that cannot be overlooked is the fact that doing so will give you more energy for the day ahead.

When you exercise early in the morning, okay, sure, you’ll be tired at first but once you wake up slightly and begin training, as the endorphins and adrenaline begin to flow you’ll find yourself becoming more and more alert and energized.

After you finish training, not only will you feel great but you will also have more energy to set you up for the day ahead.

7. Your Blood Pressure Will Lower

As far as the health benefits, another key benefit of an early morning session is the fact that it will help to reduce your blood pressure.

After you finish training, shower, change and relax, you’ll find that your blood pressure naturally starts to come down.

Studies have found that individuals that exercise early in the morning can reduce their blood pressure levels for the day ahead by as much as 10% on average.

When you consider the fact that hypertension is so dangerous and so prominent, this is actually a very important benefit indeed.

8. You’ll Get A Better Night’s Sleep

Despite the fact that you’re waking up early to exercise and won’t be going to bed for many, many hours, working out early can actually help you to sleep better at night.

To begin with, exercise promotes the production of neurotransmitters and endorphins which promote relaxation and regulate sleep patterns.

Not only that but if you train late in the evening, as exercise provides temporary increases in energy levels and adrenaline, you’ll feel wide awake and energized until they wear off.

Training nice and early means that they wear off early on in the day so you can get to sleep nice and easy.

9. You Can Work That Little Bit Harder

Okay, say that you’ve been at work all day, you’ve household jobs and chores to do when you get home, but you need to squeeze a workout in after work, do you think this leaves you much time to train?

No, of course not.

Most people who are pushed for time will rush through their workouts, rather than taking their time and doing more.

If you train early on in the day, one of the main benefits of doing so is the fact that, as you will likely have more time, you can work that little bit harder and do more.

If you’re training early you can do extra exercises, extra sets, and extra reps, without having to rush and worry about getting home to do your chores.

10. Fewer People In The Gym

As we’re talking about the benefits, if you do your workouts in the gym, another key benefit is the fact that there will be fewer people.

Working out early means that the gym will be much quieter so you’ll be able to use more machines and more gym equipment, and you’ll be able to spend more time on each piece of equipment like doing more spinning, leg press on any foot placement, and more, and there will also be fewer distractions like we spoke about earlier.

People that train after work, at peak times, often find that gyms are very busy and crowded which can interfere with your workout, especially if you are already pushed for time and want to be in and out as quickly as possible.

11. It’ll Be Cooler In The Summer

Okay, if you’re reading this in the winter or in a cool part of the world, you probably won’t appreciate this benefit.

If, however, you’re reading from somewhere that gets blisteringly hot summers, pay attention.

Working out in hot temperatures is no fun.

It leaves you sweaty, it can leave you feeling hot and out of breath, and it can be dangerous.

Early in the morning, it is obviously much cooler than it is in the middle of the afternoon, which means that you can get a workout squeezed in and beat the heat at the same time.

If your gym has working AC, you probably won’t mind too much, but if yours doesn’t, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about.

12. You’re More Likely To Eat Healthier In The Morning

When it comes to the benefits, another reason to get your sweat on in the A.M is the fact that it will help you to make healthy food choices.

Studies have found that individuals that exercise early in the morning are more likely to choose healthy and nutritious foods over greasy, processed, convenience foods instead.

There is no scientific evidence for why that is, but statistically, people are much more likely to make healthy food choices early on in the day and stick to them than they would at night.

In fact, for most people, cravings for junk foods don’t kick in until the evening anyway.

13. Your Appetite Will Be Reduced

Having a large appetite is not ideal for somebody looking to burn fat and lose weight.

One of the main benefits is the fact that it can help to reduce your appetite substantially.

Ghrelin is a hormone in the body that is responsible for feelings of hunger.

Exercise helps to reduce ghrelin production.

To make matters better, exercise also helps to boost a satiety hormone known as Leptin.

Now, exercising at any time of day will promote the production and reduction of these hormones, but experts have found that early morning workouts do tend to reduce ghrelin more efficiently, whilst increasing leptin more efficiently as well.

14. Early Morning Workouts Will Increase Overall Energy Levels

Not only does working out early help to boost overall energy levels, but it can also enhance overall activity levels too.

As well to moving more when exercising, experts have found that individuals that exercise early on in the day will also move more throughout the day and increase their overall levels of activity.

One reason for this is simply down to the fact that exercising early on gives you more energy, so if you have more energy you’ll be more active as the day goes by.

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In terms of losing weight, burning calories, and improving fitness, you can’t really ask for much more.

15. It Doesn’t Take Many Efforts

Finally, the last reason to consider exercising early in the day is the fact that it doesn’t really take much effort.

Simply go ahead and set your alarm an hour earlier, get your clothes ready, have a quick shower to wake up, eat breakfast if you need the fuel, and away you go.

Final Thoughts:

So, with that, we’ll bring this look at the benefits of working out in the morning to a close.

Hopefully, you’ve found the info contained within insightful and educational, and hopefully, we’ve now inspired you to wake up nice and early and go crush your workout early in the morning while everybody else is tucked up in their beds.


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