200 Crossfit Team Names | Funny, Badass, Male, Female – You Name It!

200 funny crossfit team name ideas

CrossFit has seen a remarkable surge in popularity over recent years, drawing recognition and appreciation from many for its ability to foster new connections and build communities of individuals sharing similar interests. No wonder, as there are plenty of benefits with Crossfit!

Across the whole world, these bonds are forming into CrossFit teams, and who really cares if your team wins the competition if your team name sucks? Ok that might be a stretch but you get the drill – your Crossfit team name matter!

Luckily for you, I've been competing in CrossFit myself, and I'm a funny guy (some say), so I've had some great fun and, together with the rest of the guys, came up with over 100 different CrossFit team names. From funny ones to really badass ones!

1: Funny Crossfit Team Name Ideas:

  1. Iron Avengers
  2. WOD Warriors
  3. Flexy Beasts
  4. Burpee Brigade
  5. Snatch Squad
  6. Lunge Legends
  7. Swole Mates
  8. Deadlift Divas
  9. Kettlebell Krew
  10. Muscle Mavericks
  11. Thruster Tribe
  12. Power Pals
  13. Squat Squad
  14. Clean Queens
  15. Box Jockeys
  16. Rep Rebels
  17. Push-Up Pirates
  18. Jerk Jesters
  19. Burpees and Beers
  20. Burpees and Chill
  21. Rope Climbers Anonymous
  22. Plank Posse
  23. Treadmill Titans
  24. Pull-Up Pioneers
  25. Sweat Savages
  26. Cardio Commandos
  27. Flex Appeal
  28. Slam Dunk Squad
  29. Chipper Champions
  30. Barbell Bandits
  31. Jump Rope Juggernauts
  32. Bicep Buddies
  33. Ab Attackers
  34. Calorie Crushers
  35. Dumbbell Dynasty
  36. Grind Gang
  37. Plate Pushers
  38. Box Blasters
  39. Bench Press Bosses
  40. Cardio Crushers
  41. Grip Guardians
  42. Mobility Masters
  43. Flex Friday Friends
  44. Rowing Renegades
  45. Muscle Mayhem
  46. Weightlifting Wizards
  47. Bodyweight Brigade
  48. Strength Sisters
  49. Cardio Kings
  50. Fitness Freaks
  51. Burpee Bunch
  52. Lift Lovers
Benefits Of CrossFit

Female Crossfit Team Name Ideas

  1. Femme Fittest
  2. Wonder Women Workout
  3. Lady Lifters
  4. CrossFit Queens
  5. She-Sweat Squad
  6. Girl Power Grind
  7. Iron Divas
  8. Fit Femmes
  9. Strong Sisters
  10. Barbelle Babes
  11. Goddesses of Gains
  12. Muscle Mavens
  13. Power Princesses
  14. Flexy Femmes
  15. WOD Wonders
  16. Swole Sisters
  17. Burpee Belles
  18. Thruster Thrivers
  19. Lunge Ladies
  20. Plank Pioneers
  21. FlexiFemme Force
  22. Sassy Squat Squad
  23. Warrior Women
  24. Flex Friday Females
  25. Lift Lady Legends
  26. Cardio Queens
  27. Box Beauties
  28. Sweat Sirens
  29. Kettlebell Kweens
  30. Rogue Runners
  31. Muscle Mommas
  32. Dumbbell Darlings
  33. Burpee Bombshells
  34. Pull-Up Princesses
  35. Rowing Royalty
  36. Fitness Femmes
  37. Flexibility Females
  38. Plate Princesses
  39. CrossFit Amazons
  40. Calorie-Killing Queens
  41. She-Lifts Squad
  42. WOD Warrior Women
  43. Barbell Babes
  44. Box Bravas
  45. Jump Rope Divas
  46. Rep-Ready Women
  47. Crunch Crusaders
  48. Cardio Cuties
  49. Bicep Beauties
  50. Muscle Mommys

Male Crossfit Team Name Ideas

  1. Beast Mode Brotherhood
  2. 3 Muscleteers
  3. Iron Men
  4. WOD Warriors
  5. CrossFit Crusaders
  6. Muscle Militia
  7. Swole Brothers
  8. Bro-Squad Blitz
  9. Barbell Bros
  10. Burpee Battalion
  11. Flex Fit Fellas
  12. Powerhouse Pack
  13. Thruster Titans
  14. Lunge Legends
  15. Dumbbell Dudes
  16. Lift Lads
  17. Rep Rascals
  18. Rogue Renegades
  19. Strength Strikers
  20. Squat Squad
  21. Pull-Up Posse
  22. Muscle Masters
  23. Cardio Kings
  24. Rowing Rebels
  25. Plate Pioneers
  26. Flex Friday Fellows
  27. Kettlebell Kings
  28. Jerk Juggernauts
  29. Deadlift Dons
  30. Box Bros
  31. Crunch Crew
  32. Push-Up Pals
  33. Gym Gladiators
  34. Sweat Savages
  35. Burpee Bros
  36. Flexibility Fighters
  37. Calorie Crushers
  38. Weightlifting Warriors
  39. CrossFit Commandos
  40. Plank Pack
  41. Sledgehammer Squad
  42. Fit Fellows
  43. Muscular Mavericks
  44. Flex Frenzy
  45. Barbell Bandits
  46. Iron Inklings
  47. Muscle Misfits
  48. Strength Stallions
  49. Cardio Cavaliers
  50. Muscle Menaces
  51. Flex Forward Fraternity

Badass Crossfit Team Names

Tired of playing games? Want to take it seriously? Sorry, no such thing – but let's give it a try.

  1. Savage Squad
  2. Iron Titans
  3. WOD Warriors
  4. Beast Brigade
  5. Grit and Gains
  6. Power Posse
  7. Apex Avengers
  8. Hardcore Heroes
  9. Domination Nation
  10. Fearless Force
  11. Brute Brotherhood
  12. Resilient Rebels
  13. Battleborn Battalion
  14. Fury Fighters
  15. Blitz Brigade
  16. Alpha Alliance
  17. Ruthless Rascals
  18. Valor Vanguard
  19. Titan Tribe
  20. Adrenaline Assassins
  21. Rampage Regiment
  22. Rampant Renegades
  23. Conquer Crew
  24. Vigilante Vikings
  25. Steel Syndicate
  26. Thunder Throng
  27. Havoc Heralds
  28. Vortex Vanguard
  29. Dominate Dynasty
  30. Apex Assassins
  31. Hardcore Horde
  32. Rampart Rovers
  33. Intensity Invictus
  34. Dominance Dominion
  35. Fierce Frontiers
  36. Resolute Renegades
  37. Rugged Raiders
  38. Havoc Hounds
  39. Valor Vigilantes
  40. Adrenaline Addicts
  41. Thunder Titans
  42. Bruiser Brigade
  43. Elite Enforcers
  44. Apex Athletes
  45. Grit Guardians
  46. Rampart Warriors
  47. Iron Icons
  48. Vortex Vigilance
  49. Valor Vipers
  50. Domination Dynasty

How to Come Up With Your Crossfit Team Name

Over 200 suggestions, and you're still craving for more? Tough crowd!

In all fairness, I know it's more fun to come up with your own name after all. Here's how you do it:

  1. Find Common Ground: Consider shared interests among your teammates. If you all enjoy a clever pun, weave one into your team name. If your group embodies toughness, opt for a “Bro”-themed name. If you're all soccer fans, include a player. Something like “Messy Flexers”.
  2. Keep It Concise: Short and sweet team names are easier to remember for both your rivals and the leaderboard. Lengthy names can clutter standings and make recognition a challenge.
  3. Draw from Achievements: Reflect on the triumphs and challenges you've conquered as a team. Incorporating your collective efforts and victories into the name can boost morale on competition day.
  4. Embrace Humor: When unsure, always go for humor. A witty team name can lighten the mood amidst intense competition, signaling to competitors that you're there to win and have a good time.
  5. Explore Name Generators: If ideas elude you, leverage online team name generators for a wealth of inspiration. A quick Google search can lead you to countless naming options to fuel your brainstorming session.


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