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13 Biggest Natural Bodybuilders | All Best Natty Lifters

biggest natural bodybuilders

Everyone knows that the biggest bodybuilders aren't natural. There is no debate – you need to use steroids in order to have a chance to become the next Arnie or Cbum. Yet, there are some pretty huge bodybuilders out there that are natural. And today, we're going to explore the 13 biggest and best natural bodybuilders.

I can't help but wonder how their body would transform if they went for a cycle, but at the same time, I'm incredibly impressed by their physique and dedication.

Without further ado, these are the best natty lifters on the planet in 2024:

Natty Bodybuilders Recommend:

Safe & Legal Steroid AlternativeMight Upset Your Stomach
No NeedlesNot for Under 18
Rapid ResultsDoes Not Burn Fat

1: Ron Williams


Meet Ron Williams, who is, in my opinion, the most impressive natural bodybuilder. A towering figure at 5 foot 11 and 190 pounds, he holds the prestigious title of being the most successfull bodybuilder in natural bodybuilding. With an impressive tally of over 250 victories under his belt, Ron's journey epitomizes the dedication and discipline required for the rigours of competition.

His accolades speak volumes: a remarkable seven-time reign as Mr. Natural Olympia, a seven-time titleholder of Mr. Natural Universe, and a seven-time conqueror of the Mr. Natural World. Notably, his illustrious career was immortalized with his induction into the esteemed International Bodybuilding Association Hall of Fame in 2008.

Beyond bodybuilding, Ron has charted diverse paths of success in his post-retirement endeavours. As a leading life and fitness coach, he imparts wisdom from his profound expertise in physiology, diet and nutrition, and the science of fat loss. He also serves as the spiritual shepherd of a vibrant non-denominational Christian congregation nestled in the heart of Salt Lake City, Utah.

In Ron's world, the pursuit of excellence transcends the confines of the gym, weaving a tapestry of inspiration and triumph across multiple arenas of life. A complete natural beast.

2: Simeon Panda

LEANER BY THE DAY EP 5 - Big Delts, Bench Press & A Roaring Bull!

Simeon Panda is a pioneer among social media's constellation of bodybuilding luminaries, whose presence shines across the digital landscape and graces the glossy pages of fitness magazines. Standing tall at 6'1 and weighing in at 230 pounds, Simeon's ascent to stardom reached its zenith with a triumphant victory at the European championship, clinching his coveted pro card.

His magnetic persona captivates audiences worldwide, weaving a narrative of dedication and determination that resonates far beyond the gym walls. Through the lens of social media and the pages of fitness publications, Simeon's journey unfolds as a testament to the transformative power of passion and perseverance in pursuit of excellence.

Simeon was voted by Forbes as one of the most influential fitness professionals and started an entrepreneurial journey – safe to say that 8m+ Instagram followers fuelled that process. He is a great role model and proof that one can reach a completely insane physique by being natural.

3: Lazar Angelov

Lazar Angelov - Motivational Video

Lazar Angelov is maybe one of the very first fitness influencers who really took online fitness and motivational speeches to the next level. Hailing from Sofia, Bulgaria, Lazar's journey unfolds as a captivating narrative of ambition and achievement fueled by his model-worthy looks and shredded physique.

As a multifaceted personality, Lazar dons the hats of a bodybuilder, personal trainer, and sought-after fitness model with effortless charm and unwavering dedication. His magnetic allure transcends borders, making him one of the most revered fitness icons and successful entrepreneurs on the global stage.

Kids these days won't know how much Lazar has done for the fitness community, and he did it without steroids.

4: Philip Ricardo Jr.

Philip Ricardo Jr. Answers: Can A Natural Bodybuilder Beat An Enhanced Bodybuilder?

Philip Ricardo Jr is another powerhouse in natural bodybuilding, boasting an impressive four-time reign as the Natural Olympia champion. His victories in 2007, 2008, 2015, and 2019 not only showcase his exceptional talent but also underscore the remarkable longevity of natural bodybuilders compared to their enhanced counterparts.

In a feat that defies conventional wisdom, Ricardo Jr. reclaimed the Natural Olympia title after a six-year break, shattering stereotypes and proving that dedication and perseverance know no bounds in fitness. He must have muscle memory out of this world.

Making history with each flex, Ricardo Jr. holds the distinction of being the first bodybuilder to reclaim the Natural Olympia title after relinquishing it—a milestone that speaks volumes about his unwavering commitment to excellence. His journey from the ranks of the Marine Corps to becoming a competitive bodybuilding is a testament to the transformative power of passion and discipline.

Ricardo Jr is such a personal inspiration due to his comebacks.

5: Sadik Hadzovic

Full Day Of Prep - Breakfast Workout & Body Adjustment

Now to our hometown hero, who rose from the ashes of war-torn Bosnia and Herzegovina to become a four-time men's physique champion after his arrival in the United States.

Standing tall at 5’11 and weighing in at 190 pounds, he's known for his classic balkan looks, V taper, slender waist, and impeccably shredded physique.

With each graceful pose and sculpted muscle, he not only showcases his physical prowess but also embodies the essence of strength and resilience. In a world where dreams know no boundaries, he continues to defy odds and carve his legacy as a symbol of triumph against all odds.

6: Meshack Ochieng

Mr. America 2022, Meshack Ochieng - the winning moment

You might have heard of “Natural Ronnie Coleman”?

Meet the remarkable athlete born in Kenya, whose journey to greatness began with humble beginnings in his backyard, where he created dumbbells and barbells from stones. Fuelled by determination and a burning passion for fitness, he embarked on his training regimen, laying the foundation for a journey marked by triumph and perseverance.

There are many non-believers in Meshack's all-natural journey, but he competes in the most strict all-natural body builder federations INBA and NANBF that do regular checks on the athletes.

7: Brandon Lirio

3x Natural Olympia Champion Brandon Lirio Explains How to Identify Enhanced Bodybuilders

Brandon Lirio is a true champion in the world of natural bodybuilding. With three Mr. Natural Olympia titles and two Mr. Universe championships under his belt, Brandon's accolades speak volumes about his dedication and skill. He holds a distinguished place in the PNBA Pro Hall of Fame, a testament to his remarkable achievements.

Brandon's journey into the world of lifting began as a means to combat his anxiety disorder, a struggle he faced after joining the military in 2006. Through the transformative power of fitness, Brandon found solace and strength, ultimately channelling his passion into a successful career in natural bodybuilding.

8: Komang Arnawa

Komang Arnawa is a standout figure in natural bodybuilding whose presence commands attention with every glance. As the second bodybuilder of Asian descent to clinch the coveted Natural Mr. Olympia title, Arnawa follows in the footsteps of Danny Chau, who secured the prestigious honour in 2004.

Arnawa's remarkable journey to the top is punctuated by an impressive streak of victories, triumphing in his last six competitions and etching his name in the annals of bodybuilding history as one of the youngest-ever Pro World Champions.

Komang is often referred to as the “gentle giant” and would, even today, be able to compete in Natural Mr Olympia as he is still in fantastic shape.

9: Kiyoshi Moody

The Value Of Instinctive Training (With 6X Natural Mr Olympia Champion Kiyoshi Moody)

If I didn't know any better, I'd never believe that Moody is all natural. This is an absolute Hall of Famer!

Moody clinched the Natural Mr Olympia title for an astonishing six consecutive years, from 2009 to 2014. His remarkable achievements solidified his status as one of the most formidable competitors in the history of natural bodybuilding, earning him a well-deserved place in the PNBA Hall of Fame, inducted in the esteemed class of 2013.

10: Jeff Seid


Before ascending to the ranks of the youngest-ever IFBB pro, Jeff honed his skills as an all-American wrestler, showcasing his prowess and determination on the mat.

Standing tall at 6 feet and weighing around 205 pounds, Jeff's athletic pedigree has propelled him onto the grand stage of bodybuilding, where he has competed in prestigious events like the Mr. Olympia. Beyond the stage, Jeff's passion for fitness and aesthetics led him to pen a book titled “Guide to Aesthetics,” offering valuable insights and guidance to aspiring enthusiasts.

As an ISSA-certified online personal trainer, Jeff extends his expertise to a global audience, empowering individuals to achieve their fitness goals and unlock their full potential.

11: Derek Lunsford

Ramping Things Up | Back Workout

Derek is the latest Natural Mr Olympia winner and definitely deserves a spot in this list of all the best natural bodybuilders. He might not be a legend just yet, but he has a bright future in front of him. This 5 ft 6 in and 225 lb beast is all American, and believe me when I say that his workout routines are insanely intense.

Pros and Cons Of Being a Natural Bodybuilder

LongetivityHarder commitment is necessary
Wallet friendlyHarder to grow muscle mass
Better self imageDieting becomes even more important
No unnatural hair growth/lossHard to get recognition
No side effectsLess prize money if you decide to go pro
Better for your overall health

Can a Natural Bodybuilder Win Mr. Olympia?

In theory, yes – a natural bodybuilder can win Mr Olympia, but it's almost impossible due to the advantage that the bodybuilders on steroids have.

On the right bulking steroids, one can easily add 20% of gains, while it may be extremely hard to do so for someone who strives for natural gains. Same goes for shredding.

The gains from steroids may not last forever, but they are crucial to compete when you're competing with 255 lb monsters with 7% bodyfat.

It's a Wrap

Bodybuilding is a subjective sport but we can all agree that all these listed natty bodybuilders are some of the biggest men on the planet that are not on gear. Although they might not be able to compete with the non-natty ones, I'm a firm believer that these guys deserve as much, if not even more, respect for their accomplishments.


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