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Does Farting Burn Calories? If So, How Many?

does farting burn calories

With summer being just around the corner, there is a new myth presented to the fitness community each year, and new questions are arising. This year, the question is: Does farting burn calories?

The short answer to that question is that farting does not help you burn 67 calories. But there are still many benefits to farting, although it doesn't make you lose weight directly.

Does Farting Burn 67 Calories?

It all started back in 2015 when a popular fitness influencer came with the claim that farting burns up to 67 calories, and that the more you fart the faster you will lose weight and get trimmed. Snopes quickly proved that that claim was false. In fact, research was done on the topic, which proved that farting doesn't burn any calories whatsoever, and yet there is confusion in the fitness community about this topic in 2024.

Think about it: when you fart, your muscles relax and release gases – why would this lead to losing as many calories as jogging for 8-12 minutes?

But Farting Maks me Feel Lighter

That is correct, as your body releases trapped gas when you fart. Which makes you feel less bloated and more relaxed. Bloating players is a big part of why you may feel full or heavy in your stomach. But just because you're not bloated doesn't mean that you've lost calories.

If you experience excessive farting, and start to lose weight – you should see a healthcare provider!

Does One Fart More Often When Losing Weight?

You might be farting more often when you try to lose weight indeed. This is due to your diet however.
When you try to lose weight, you often change your diet, and your stomach might need to get used to the new bacteria. You might also experience that you have to run more often to the toilet as well due to the new foods that your body is not used to, not to mention high caffeine dieting pills such as PhenQ.

Adding protein shakes to your diet might also upset your stomach and make you fart more regularly. Especially if you're new to protein powder as you risk to over consume it in the beginning. I've created a guide on how many protein shakes one should take a day that you might want to follow if you've had this experience.

It's a Wrap

Don't believe everything on the internet, and certainly don't rely on farting to lose weight, as it won't help you.Farting is great to reduce bloating and you should be doing it for the right reasons.

If you want to lose weight, I suggest you stop trying to cut corners and stop looking for short cuts. Instead, embrace a healthy diet and start exercising regularly. Seek your motivation online and follow trusted guides on how to make your journey as smooth as possible by RESEARCH and nothing else.


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