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16 Mind-Blowing Arc Trainer Benefits

Arc Trainer Benefits

Today, we’re taking a look at several amazing arc trainer benefits. When you head to the gym to work out, if it’s a cardio day, which piece of equipment do you find yourself gravitating towards?

For a lot of people, cardio or fasted cardio days are personified by using kits such as a treadmill, a stair climber, an elliptical machine, or an exercise bike.

Don’t get us wrong, these pieces of equipment are all well and good, but in many commercial gyms up and down the globe, you will find a whole host of other pieces of equipment that are just begging to be explored.

Arc trainers, for example, are very popular in a lot of commercial gyms, yet some people have no idea what they are or how they should be used.

This is where we factor into the equation because today, we’re looking at several benefits for you to enjoy.

If you’re looking to get in shape, here’s a look at 16 benefits that are sure to impress.

What Are The Arc Trainer Benefits?

1. Arc Trainers Are Great For The Joints

Running and other high-impact sports and exercises are all well and good, but what about if you are suffering from joint issues?

High-impact activities will put the joints under a lot of strain and pressure, which is where arc trainers prove to be so useful.

Arc trainers are designed so that force is only generated during the weight-bearing cycle of the user’s gait, which puts less strain and pressure on the ankles, knees, and hips.

2. Arc Trainers Are Ideal For Burning Fat

How many of you reading this today can honestly say that you’re happy with your weight?

Even if you are, there will likely come a time when you will need to burn fat and lose some weight, which is where arc trainers enter the picture.

Arc trainers are great for weight loss as they promote a great deal of calorie burn during the exercise, and in fact, they’re considered by many to be more efficient than a lot of other cardio machines in the gym when it comes to losing weight.

The number of calories you burn during a workout will depend on how hard you work and how long you train, but a 45-minute arc trainer workout could very easily burn off upwards of 400 – 600 calories, if not more.

3. Arc Trainers Offer Something Different

We know that tried and tested cardio machines and pieces of equipment are all well and good, but what do you do when you’re bored with the standard kit you’re using and you want to try something new?

Well, in this instance, you could benefit hugely from using an arc trainer.

Arc trainers are very different from regular cardio equipment, and they offer the users something different and exciting.

Planet Fitness Arc Trainer - How to use the ARC Trainer machine at Planet Fitness

For people looking to mix up their training and try something new, this is perfect.

Keeping your training new and exciting is very important when it comes to staying motivated.

4. Arc Trainers Will Engage More Muscles

Another of the awesome benefits that we must look at today is the fact that arc trainers are perfect for working the muscles as well as burning fat.

Arc trainers will engage muscles located in your lower body, which in turn will help you to strengthen the legs and glutes, and increase muscle mass in the process.

Not only that, but muscles in the upper body will also be worked, and as you can adjust the resistance the machine offers, your muscles will get quite the workout when using the arc trainer.

5. Arc Trainers Are Great For The Heart

Your heart is one of your body’s most important organs, which is why it’s so important that you look after it.

Each year, heart disease claims more lives worldwide than any other illness or disease, and most frustratingly is the fact that it can easily be avoided by changing our lifestyles.

If you’re looking to strengthen your heart, a healthy lifestyle complete with plenty of cardiovascular exercises is vital.

Thankfully the arc trainer provides a very effective form of cardio that helps to strengthen the heart and improve the cardiovascular system.

6. Arc Trainers Provide Different Training Zones

All new cardio machines are able to offer users in-built programs and features, yet arc trainers take this tech to the next level.

Arc trainers are designed to provide in-built training zones, of which there are three, which are: Glide, stride, and climb.

These zones are ranked from easiest to hardest, so if you really want to test yourself, be sure to set your machine to ‘climb’ and you’ll soon feel the burn.

7. Arc Trainers Are For Everybody

One of the best benefits which we’ll look at today is the fact that arc trainers are for everybody.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a complete novice who has never set foot in a gym before, or if you’re a seasoned athlete with years of experience under your belt, arc trainers can be used by anybody.

Newbies can set the machine to Glide, whereas pros can set it to Climb like we just looked at.

8. Arc Trainers Can Reduce The Risk Of Injury

Now, when exercising, there is always the possibility of being injured.

If, however, you use an arc trainer regularly, you can strengthen your muscles and joints, which would ordinarily be susceptible to a sports-related injury, and therefore, you can reduce the risk of being injured when working out.

9. Arc Trainers Are Less Likely To Injure You

While you can still easily injure yourself on an arc trainer if you misuse it, the fact remains that due to how the machine is built, there is less risk of you injuring yourself on one when compared with, say, a treadmill.

Arc trainers also take the stress off of joints and parts of the body normally at risk when working out, so again, that makes them great for injury prevention.

10. Arc Trainers Can Increase Your Strength

Step aside squats and deadlifts; there’s a new way to build strength, and that is through the arc trainer!

Okay, maybe that’s a bit of an over-exaggeration on our part, but if you are looking for minor increases in strength without having to train like a powerlifter such as Eddie Hall And Stefi Cohen, arc trainers are very useful.

Arc trainers are great because, as they are resistance-based, your muscles get a workout and you’ll find that your strength will increase.

In particular, you’ll find that your legs become more powerful than beforehand when using the arc trainer, so it is certainly well worth considering.

11. Arc Trainers Boost Aerobic Fitness

If you’re looking for ways of improving your aerobic fitness, arc trainers are the perfect pieces of equipment to help you do exactly that.

Arc trainers boost your VO2 max levels, which basically means that they will increase the rate at which the respiratory and circulatory systems such as the lungs, vascularity, heart, and muscles, utilize oxygen for energy during exercise.

The more oxygen you can utilize, the more energy you will have and the more productive your workouts will become.

12. Arc Trainers Are Fun

Okay, when talking about the many benefits that are out there to be enjoyed, perhaps fun would not be a word used to describe the arc trainer, at least, not for some people.

If, however, you’re fed up with your gym’s old and dusty cardio machines and you want to try something new and exciting, trying the arc trainer for the first time will definitely be fun.

We can’t guarantee that the fun will last a significant amount of time, as it will likely wear off once you begin to feel the burn but for the most part, at least, arc trainers do indeed offer something fun and exciting in terms of training.

13. Arc Trainers Help To Strengthen The Bones

As we grow older, we find that minerals begin to leech from our bones and as a result, the bones start to become softer and more brittle.

This is why elderly people are more at risk of fractures and broken bones than younger people.

The good news is that we can strengthen the bones and avoid conditions such as osteoporosis and arthritis, which is why the arc trainer once again proves to be so useful.

The exercise, which is resistance based, helps to increase bone mineral density and makes the bones feel harder and become larger and stronger.

Due to this, exercise can potentially help you to avoid degenerative bone diseases and issues like those we mentioned earlier.

14. Arc Trainers Improve Your Endurance

 If you were paying attention earlier, you’ll remember how we mentioned that one of the main benefits is the fact that arc trainers increase your VO2 max levels.

In terms of physical fitness and endurance, this is very important.

Arc trainers help you to utilize more oxygen so you can exercise for longer before fatigue sets in.

This is ideal because it enables you to increase your stamina and physical fitness, as well as your endurance levels.

Whether you’re training for a sport, an endurance event, or if you’re just looking to get fitter, arc trainers are ideal.

15. Arc Trainers Improve Athletic Performance

You're Using the Elliptical WRONG | Physical Therapist Explains

On the topic of sports and athletic performance, another amazing benefit is the fact that these amazing machines can help to improve your athletic performance.

Arc trainers increase strength, reduce the risk of injury, they can boost speed, and they can boost stamina.

Combine all of these benefits together and you have the perfect recipe for the ultimate sportsperson.

No matter what your preferred sport or activity maybe, if you go with an arc trainer and use it regularly, you’ll find that your athletic performance will increase noticeably.

16. Arc Trainers Will Improve Your Mental Health

Exercise, in general, is a fantastic way to boost your mood and improve your mental health which is one reason why you may wish to consider using the arc trainer.

Exercising on machines such as an arc trainer will help to increase the production and secretion of happy chemicals known as endorphins, which will lift your spirits and put you in a much happier and better mood than usual.

Furthermore, exercising on machines such as arc trainers is a great way to naturally lift your spirits, rather than relying on prescription drugs which can themselves have some pretty severe side effects.

If you’re looking for a natural way to improve your mood, a workout on an arc trainer could be exactly what you need.

What Is An Arc Trainer?

Arc Trainer Benefits

Before we get started today by looking at the benefits of using an arc trainer, we must first take a look at exactly what this amazing bit of kit actually is.

Arc trainers are like a hybrid between an exercise bike, a recumbent bike, and a cross-trainer.

Arc is the name of the brand which was registered by Cybex, which themselves make fantastic gym equipment.

Unlike an elliptical machine where the pedals can only be operated in an elliptical pattern, arc trainer pedals operate in an arcuate pattern.

This complex bit of kit may look intimidating, but it’s actually easy to use and it is also very effective.

Bottom Line:

 Right, with that, we’ll call it a day.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed this article on the many arc trainer benefits which are out there to be enjoyed, and if so, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for more content from us in the near future.

Remember, arc trainers may look complex, but they’re actually very easy to use, and boy, are they efficient.


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