Stair Climber Benefits

18 Stair Climber Benefits That Will Change Your Life

If you’re a fan of the stair climber at the gym, today’s article should prove particularly interesting because we’re going to be listing several mind-blowing stair climber benefits.

When people think of working out, they probably don’t instantly think about climbing up a set of stairs, yet in reality, stair climbing is one of the most effective forms of cardio exercise that you could wish for.

Climbing up a set of stairs at home is beneficial enough, but the stairs we’re talking about today are very different, because today, we’re talking about a machine in the gym known as the stair climber.

We’ve all been told by fitness experts to take the stairs rather than using the elevator, but does stair climbing really make that much of a difference?

Absolutely, which is why the stair climber machine is currently one of the most popular pieces of gym kit such as the elliptical machine.

If you’re looking to get in shape and are sick of using the standard kit found in a gym, here are 18 mind-blowing benefits for you to enjoy.

What Is A Stair Climber?

No, a stair climber isn’t a term used to describe a person that climbs stairs, the stair climber we’re talking about today is a cardio machine used in gyms all across the globe.

Stair climbers are stationary fitness machines that basically provide a revolving staircase in a similar fashion to treadmills.

The machine allows the user to climb stairs at their desired pace to give themselves a highly effective cardio-based workout.

If you’re looking to burn fat and get in shape, stair climbers are ideal.

The History Of The Stairmaster:

When we think of stair climbing machines, the name which instantly springs to mind is Stairmaster.

The Stairmaster machine is one of the most effective, yet toughest pieces of cardio equipment you could ever wish to find in a gym, and while some do have a love-hate relationship with it, you can’t argue the fact that it works incredibly well.

But where did this unique piece of kit come from, and what the heck does oil have to do with it?

All will soon become clear, as we delve deep into the history of the humble stair climber machine known as the Stairmaster.

Oil And Inspiration:

Stair Climber Benefits

In Tulsa, Oklahoma, in the 1980s, the price of oil is at an all-time low.

Oil is one of our most precious commodities, and sadly, many lives have been lost over control of what is known as black gold.

After the energy crisis in the 1970s, the oil simply wasn’t being used and because there was a surplus of this black liquid, the cost of oil per barrel absolutely plummeted.

Many Oklahomans were affected, including Jim Walker and George Schupp, who owned a custom manufacturing company.

Because of the oil crisis, demand for oil dropped and so too did their takings and clientele.

One day, when Walker purchased a used car from Lanny Potts, everything changed.

The three men, all with a passion for engineering and automotive, forged a working relationship where they would often brainstorm ideas for new inventions and new business models to help stay afloat.

One brainstorming session gave birth to one of the most iconic pieces of fitness equipment today – the Stair Master.

Thriving Industries And Good Ideas:

One day, the three men were brainstorming and looking for ideas of what they could do to turn their fortunes around.

They decided to look at an industry that was thriving, which happened to be the fitness industry.

Thanks to the success of ‘Pumping Iron’ in the 70s, along with WWF wrestlers, musclebound action heroes, and home workout VHS tapes in the 80s, the U.S was fitness mad and the three men wanted a piece of the action.

Lanny asked for advice on fitness from his doctor, who said that stair climbing was great cardio, although coming downstairs could damage your shins and joints.

The men, therefore, decided that a machine that provided the benefits of climbing stairs, without the drawbacks of coming back down, was the way to go.

Birth Of The Stairmaster:

In 1983, the three men had forged a company called Tri-Tech and had developed a product that met the criteria for climbing stairs, which they initially called the ‘Ergometer 6000’.

Their then marketing director Ralph Cissne decided to rename the product the Stairmaster 5000.

The machine would debut at the National Sporting Goods Association tradeshow, held in the city of Chicago.

In attendance were people who worked in the fitness industry, or who were heavily involved in the industry, so gym owners, sports store retailers, athletes, and so on.

The machine was largely very popular.

As the years went by, the design was tweaked and in 1984, the Stairmaster 6000 debuted, which was virtually the same design as prior, but with the addition of a high-tech (at the time) digital display screen.

With such advanced features, and with the ability to tell users how many flights of stairs they’d climbed, how many calories they’d burnt off, and more besides, now gym owners nationwide were desperate to get this piece of kit in their gyms.

The years ticked by and new versions of the Stairmaster were released, and each one proved a huge hit.

The machine was even featured on Oprah in 1989, which really elevated the product to the next level.

Today, Stairmaster machines and stair climbers are still mainstays in gyms and CrossFit boxes worldwide, and we can’t see that changing anytime soon.

What Are The Many Stair Climber Benefits?

Stair Climber Benefits

Okay, so now that we’ve looked at what stair climbers are, it’s now time for us to look at what makes them so special.

Here’s a look at several benefits.

Benefit #1: Great Cardio Workout

The first benefit of using the stair climber that we’re going to look at today is the fact that it is a great cardio workout.

A stair climber is ideal for people looking to improve their cardiovascular fitness because of the fact that it helps to strengthen the heart.

Stair climbers help strengthen the heart and boost circulation, and they provide a whole host of other cardio benefits as well.

Benefit #2: Stair Climbing Is Great For Aerobic Fitness

Stair Climber Benefits

Another of the awesome benefits we’re going to be covering today is the fact that stair climbers are ideal for boosting aerobic fitness.

Using a stair climber is great as it helps to strengthen not only the heart but the lungs as well, which in turn makes it great for boosting aerobic fitness.

The stronger your lungs are the more oxygen you can breathe in and utilize for exercise.

Combine this with the fact that it allows the heart to pump more oxygenated blood around the body and you have the perfect recipe for aerobic fitness.

Benefit #3: Something Different When Training

Want to boost your health and fitness but can’t be bothered to go through yet another boring workout on the treadmill?

If so, then using the stair climber could be the perfect solution.

Stair climbers are great because they offer the user something different because they’re so unique.

Having something different to try when working out is great because it helps to keep your workouts fresh and exciting.

Benefit #4: Serious Calorie Burn

If you thought that jogging a 5K on a treadmill was tough, just wait until you try a workout on a stair climber.

Stair climbers are absolutely fantastic for people looking to burn fat and lose weight because the exercise itself is so physically demanding.

Just going with a basic intensity workout lasting for 30 minutes will easily burn off upwards of 260 calories, though if you speed it up and increase the intensity this number will be more than double.

A fast climb on the stair master will have you shedding weight like there’s no tomorrow, so if you are dealing with a little extra lockdown weight and aren’t sure how to lose it, why not get yourself on the stair climber?

Benefit #5: Stair Climbers Are Great For The Legs

Stair Climber Benefits

Another great benefit that we need to cover in today’s article is the fact that stair climbers are so great for the legs.

Have you ever found your legs feeling tired and aching after walking up a steep hill or a particularly large flight of stairs?

If so, this will serve as an indication of just how brutal the stair climber machine can be for the legs, in a good way of course.

Stair climbers are fantastic for the legs because they target the quads and hamstrings, along with the calves.

People that use a stair climber will almost certainly experience leg DOMS the next day, making it great for building up the legs.

Benefit #6: Great For The Butt

Notice how we didn’t mention the butt when talking about how the stair climber is so great for the legs?

Well, that’s because we’re giving it a whole section right now.

If you want to strengthen your glutes and build up a shapely behind, stair climbers are ideal.

Benefit #7: Tones The Muscles

Another brilliant benefit of using the stair climber is the fact that it helps to tone the muscles.

Stair climbing stimulates the muscle tissues and fibers, which, over time can simulate the effects you’d expect if you were lifting weights.

Okay, stair climbing might not provide you with the exact same muscle toning effects as you’d expect from weights and weight machines, but it will still help to shape and tone the muscles when using the weighted vest, especially those in the legs.

On top of that, it helps with fat loss so the more weight you lose the more toned you will look.

Benefit #8: Stair Climbing Strengthens The Core

Another lesser-known benefit of the stair climber is the fact that it helps to strengthen the core.

When using the stair climber, the steps will come at you one at a time, meaning that you are constantly on the go.

You can’t slouch over or lean-to catch your breath, which means you are constantly standing upright and it means that your core is constantly engaged.

Over time, this will help you build a stronger more durable core.

Benefit #9: Stair Climbing Is Better For The Joints

As healthy and as beneficial as running is, one of the biggest downsides is the fact that it puts the joints under so much pressure.

Running is a high-impact activity and every step that you take can put a lot of strain on the joints, especially the ankles, knees, and hips.

Stair climbing is excellent, though because it is a low-impact activity that is far less forgiving on the joints.

As your feet come down the stairs much more slowly, you needn’t worry about any issues regarding joint pain or discomfort.

Benefit #10: Stair Climbing Will Make You Feel Great

Another of the key benefits that we need to look at today is the fact that stair climbing will make you feel great.

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Thanks to the endorphins you produce when using the stair climber, along with the fact that it will also have you feeling better in your own skin.

Benefit #11: No Gym Needed

Okay, if you walk into most commercial gyms and scan the cardio equipment, one thing you will notice right away is that most gyms do indeed have stair climber machines.

That, however, does not mean that you have to do all of your stair climbing workouts in the gym.

If you’ve got the finances and the most, stair climbers can be purchased for use in the home, and they work a treat.

For those who wish to stair climb at home rather than in the gym, stair climbers are ideal.

Benefit #12: Stair Climbers Promote Good General Health

Another fantastic reason to consider using a stair climber machine is the fact that it will improve your health in general.

Stair climbers help to boost the immune system, strengthen the heart, improve the cardiovascular system, fight obesity, and plenty more besides.

Roll all of these benefits together and you have the recipe for great general health.

Benefit #13: User-Friendly Machine

Some pieces of equipment in the gym require you to have a Ph.D. in rocket science to operate them, but thankfully the stair climber isn’t one of these examples.


One of the main benefits we need to look at today is the fact that stair climbers are so user-friendly and easy to operate.

Benefit #14: Reduced Blood Pressure

Hypertension, better known to some as high blood pressure, is a chronic condition affecting many people in the west, that could potentially be fatal.

Hypertension can put the heart under an increasing amount of strain, plus there’s also the fact that it can damage the kidneys, put you at risk of stroke, and plenty more besides.

Stair climbing is great because it helps to reduce your blood pressure, putting you less at risk of chronic health issues and premature death.

Benefit #15: Plenty Of Variation

If the sound of trudging up step after step for an hour at the same pace sounds boring to you, don’t worry, because there’s plenty of workout and exercise variation associated with these machines for you to enjoy.

Stair climbers are great because they come with pre-installed programs that you can follow to help you meet your various goals and objectives.

You can even use a stair climber as part of a circuit training, perhaps as part of a CrossFit workout?

Benefit #16: Stair Climbing Will Improve Your Quality Of Life

Stair Climber Benefits

Not only will stair climbing help you to burn fat, lose weight, and get healthier, but it will also improve your overall quality of life.

Stair climbing will make you fitter, and it will also strengthen your legs and make you better at climbing up steep gradients.

From getting up and down the stairs at work easier to hiking up steep mountain trails at the weekend, stair climbing machines will certainly help make you much fitter and healthier and will improve your overall quality of life.

Benefit #17: Better Than Climbing Real Stairs

Another of the more important benefits that we need to look at today is the fact that stair climbing is much better for you than climbing real stairs.

If you thought that you could get the same benefits from climbing a set of actual stairs that you would from climbing a stair climber, unfortunately, you’re in for a rude awakening.

Climbing actual stairs will put far more pressure on your joints and in turn, it will leave you in a great deal more pain and discomfort.

Benefit #18: Stair Climbing Will Improve Your Fitness

Finally, the last of the benefits that we’re going to be looking at today is the fact that stair climbing will help improve your overall fitness levels.

As it’s a great form of cardio you’ll find that your overall levels of endurance and stamina will be greatly enhanced when you use this particular machine as part of your training.

So, whether you’re training for a marathon, or are simply just trying to get a little fitter, stair climbing is ideal.

The Bottom Line:

And with that, we’ll bring this list of stair climber benefits to a close.

We hope you’ve found these benefits interesting and insightful, and if so, we hope that you’ll consider using the stair climber the next time you’re in the gym.

Seriously, it’s one of the best pieces of kit you could ever wish for.